The Wandering is a plant based and seasonally inspired gathering series, offering D.C.'s wanderers the opportunity to step away from their everyday chaos and assemble around the communal table. Developed and curated by Alexandra Dawson and Atara Bernstein, The Wandering is fundamentally influenced by the Jewish value of hachnasat orchim (הכנסת אורחים), the concept of welcoming all guests, no matter the circumstance.  Alexandra and Atara offer an accessible and inclusive opportunity to gather with old friends and new, with their table as the centerpiece. Pull up a seat, wanderers wanted.



Alexandra Dawson, Co-founder

Alexandra is a Washington, D.C.-based nutritionist, wellness warrior, mama bird, and the writer and photographer behind celebrated plant-based lifestyle and recipe  website and Instagram, @tallulahalexandra. Extremely passionate about whole body wellness, a balance between a nourished mind, body, and spirit, through In My Bowl and Tallulah, Alexandra actively strives to make that philosophy and lifestyle accessible to every demographic.



Atara Bernstein, Co-founder

Atara has worked for years as a food educator, teaching children across DC and the country to love real food. Through her work in the food justice space, Atara has single handedly converted thousands of picky eaters into herbivores. Atara impressed on her students the importance of making responsible food decisions, and the benefits of having colorful, plant-based, well sourced meals.  But her love for food transcends her working life. Many of her cherished memories have happened at the table, the heart of her home. She shares her food journey on her new blog, The Fennel Frondand on Instagram, in hopes that others will use the dishes to bring their friends & family together and create experiences that they'll never forget.